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  • Entire graphical user interface (GUI) is programmable with a JAVA-based API. No need to use fixed HTML coding templates, which is the default in WebObjects&trade.
  • Gives your web-based applications a harmonized graphical user-interface, using a consistent look-and-feel for all search, list, and detail editing views.
  • Data Export button on every list and edit page allows users to export data from lists and detail edit pages to spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, in comma or tab separated formats.
  • Print button creates professional reports in portable document format (PDF), based on the data in your lists and detail edit pages, without any additional programming.
  • Help button provides intelligently generated user-friendly help for all your search, list and detail editing pages.
  • Automated JAVA-script calendar to pick dates for all your data format fields, using a calendar view.
  • Sophisticated Login/Logout controls with 8 security validations, optional cookie handling, and "expired password changing" support.
  • Login administration and password management, including support for custom attributes such as "department_code" or "security_group".
  • Flexible session management including built-in functional and data security.
  • Data model independent- Query By Example (QBE) search/select views with validated criteria for common data types; Paged lists of records that can be added, edited or deleted; Editing views with built-in validations for common data types; Selection lists with paged choices; Detail views and URL launching; Pop-ups that are simple to make yet fully featured.
  • Customization features - Layout attributes, templates, date, and number formats that are individually unique or common
  • JavaScript rollover buttons for 3 different purposes
  • DHTML controls to maximize and minimize panels