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PDFkit framework 5.4.0 - Java API to Generate Web Delivered PDF Reports

PDFkit framework is an easy to use, powerful software tool for generating web browser embedded PDF files, including table-based PDF reports, according to Adobe's® Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF is the universal standard for the distribution of electronic documents. The problems generally encountered with electronic file sharing are avoided as PDF is not limited to an application, font types, formatting, graphics, or software and printer limitations.

Whether you are a developer using WebObjects or Java to create applications, then PDFkit framework is a tool you shouldn't be without. Easily integrate the framework into your application and/or framework projects to create detailed PDF reports on the web exactly how you want them to appear.

With PDFkit framework, there are no graphical editors and no fancy templates. All you need to get started is one WebObjects framework - PDFkit framework! And the beauty of this framework is it just works! 100% pure WebObjects, 100% pure Java, 100% pure PDF.

Adding images to any page and adding multiple tables consecutively is super easy. The tables use a cell-based architecture enabling many color, font, and image combinations to meet different user requirements.

Want to see fast PDF generation? You will with PDFkit framework. Optimized with gzip and deflate compression, our PDFkit framework produces smaller sized files, resulting in reduced PDF download times and enhanced performance. The kit's generation of PDF output was optimized for binary compression by metaobject www.metaobject.com.

In our latest version, v2.0.1, we improved the kit's font support. Our PDFkit currently supports 350 server side fonts.

Further, v2.0.1 now provides support for international paper sizes. So, wherever you are printing your documents, there are virtually no limitations.

With PDFkit framework, get detailed documentation, tutorials, functionality, and ease of use, at nearly half the price of some of our competitors! Now isn't that reason enough to find out more about PDFkit framework?

If your company exchanges documents electronically, then you should consider PDFkit framework - the answer to consistent, professional, hassle-free printing.

December 2007 - Version 5.4.0:
  • The PDFKit is available at no cost to the WebObjects Community for both deployment and development!
  • Migrated to WebObjects 5.4 and Eclipse/WOLips.
  • Fonts are now embedded within the generated PDF files to make your PDF documents truly portable.