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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / September 17, 2009

WEBAPPZ releases PDFkit 5.4.3.

After several years since the first release of WEBAPPZ's PDFkit, WEBAPPZ is making the product available at no charge. WEBAPPZ has decided to modernize its revenue model regarding its PDF generation product. Instead of charging up-front fees for its PDFkit product, the product will be available for free, and WEBAPPZ will only charge for optional support and training related to the product.

PDFkit is an easy to use, powerful software tool that generates web browser embedded PDF files, including table-based PDF reports. The ability to add images to any of the pages and to add multiple tables consecutively are just some of the features. The tables use a cell-based architecture enabling many color, font, and image combinations to meet different user requirements. WEBAPPZ uses it internally to generate schedules, calendars, timesheets, invoices, accounting system reports, and student report cards. Really it can be used for any time of PDF documents, as it allows a developer to write many layers on top of it.

For version 5.4.3, we have moved away from the standard Mac OS X installer, and instead, provide the framework in a generic compressed format, so that it can be installed on any operating system. Version 5.4.3 offers several stability, compatibility, and performance enhancements over the previous version 5.4.0.


1. WebObjects 5.4.x or higher
2. Java 1.5 or higher 
3. any OS


1. EMAIL AGREEMENT TO webobjects_lists@webappz.com: 
	* "http://www.webappz.com/downloads/PDFkitRegFormAndLicense.pdf"
	  PDFkit framework SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 20071218
	* If you have already sent this to us in the past, you don't need to do
 	  this again, mention: "agreement already sent", and we'll look it up.
	* If this is your first time requesting our PDFkit, please sign, scan,
	  and email the agreement to us.
	  If you wish to fax, please phone us before, so that we will enable
	   our fax machine for receiving.

2. WE WILL EMAIL YOU: "WEBAPPZ_PDFkit_5_4_3.tgz":
	* Please provide an email address that can receive up to 20MB messages. 

3. EXTRACT the file into "RCMPDFkit.framework":
	* On Mac OS, this is done automatically by double clicking the file.

4. MOVE the "RCMPDFkit.framework" directory into "/Library/Frameworks", or wherever else you like to install your webobjects frameworks.
	* Why RCM? This was our original company name before we acquired
	  the WEBAPPZ® trademark.

5. DOWNLOAD the newest tutorials as an Eclipse/WOLips Project from:
	* "http://www.webappz.com/downloads/WEBAPPZ_PDFkitTutorials_5_4_3.tgz"

6. DOWNLOAD the documentation from:
	* "http://www.webappz.com/downloads/PDFkit_API_V2.0.pdf"
	* Note: this reference is still for version 2.0, all improvements 
	  since then have been under the hood and for compatibility.


1. Complete Pascal's WebObjects Community 2009 surveys and select PDFkit in question 14: http://www.survs.com/survey?id=CRDU8UY3&channel=T8TGXAW70R
2. Tell us how you [are, have been, will be] using our PDFkit.
3. Provide us with some more testimonials, acknowledgements, and links.
4. The next layer up from the PDFkit is LISTedit, you might want to try this.
5. Spread the word. We have over ten years of WebObjects experience and are currently serving the largest driving schools in Western Canada. If you've got any upcoming WebObjects projects you need help with, contact us.
Thank you.



Dennis Gaastra 
WEBAPPZ Systems, Inc. 
+49 (0)89 885652-29