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  • Migrated to WebObjects 5.4 and Eclipse/WOLips
  • Super fast, makes use of compiled Java functions
  • Stand-alone framework; does not depend on any other code or plugins.
  • 100% native WebObjects code
  • Fonts are now embedded within the generated PDF to make your PDF documents truly portable
  • Supports over 350 server side binary font files
  • Dynamic PDF can be displayed within web pages using Acrobat Reader/IE/Windows
  • Optimized with gzip and deflate compression for small PDF output yielding quick downloads and enhanced performance
  • Support for international paper sizes
  • Easy to view one-page Classes diagram
  • Detailed API documentation
  • Dynamic PDF may be captured as NSData
  • Tables use a cell-based architecture enabling many color, font, and image combinations to meet different user requirements
  • Supports three ways of rendering the content from your WebObjects application
  • Easy installation with Mac OS X installer
Future Plans:
  • Add more graphing support - WAPDFGraph, WAPDFPIEChart
  • Add two new classes - WAPDFPolygon, WAPDFCircle