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    Purchase and Support

Developer Evaluation Demo N/A FREE
Deployment License - Server with 1CPU 20 Hours* US$ 16,999.00
Deployment License - Server with 2CPUs 30 Hours* US$ 19,999.00

*Note: Travel expenses are extra for on-site support or training.

Paid Offerings Include: Licenses to bizDAV, LISTedit framework, and PDFkit, documentation, and tutorials.

Upgrade Costs: All upgrades for the first year are included, free. Thereafter, customers will be notified of any bizDAV, LISTedit, or PDFkit upgrades, and provided pricing details for the upgrades, accordingly.

Although rights to the source code are not included, WEBAPPZ is open to any and all suggestions for continuous application improvements. Updated versions will be released regularly.

For more information about this product or to purchase bizDAV, contact .


For technical support and/or training with bizDAV, please refer to Customer Support.