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Competitive Advantage Development Approach Background

Consulting Background and Experience
  • J2EE/WebObjects™ consulting and application development
  • Sophisticated Web Delivered PDF Reports
  • Web-enabled database modeling and management
  • Business systems/process analysis and design
  • Financial planning applications
  • Object-oriented software development
  • Mac OS X Administration
  • Systems and Product training
  • Visual interactive simulations
  • Systems Maintenance and Support
  • Multimedia content management systems

WEBAPPZ provides J2EE - Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) by Sun Microsystems, Inc. - and WebObjects consulting services for any business wishing to use the power of the internet to achieve business objectives.

Some of our past and current experience with web-based J2EE/WebObjects application development includes - a LAN-based document management system, a multimedia content management system for banner advertising, a web-based marketing survey for a new product launch, an online membership management/registration system, bizDAV - a security and system administration tool, and 1TRACKER - a 100% web-based time, expense, project tracking, billing and payment management system.

WEBAPPZ's preferred application development platform for creating enterprise-class web-based solutions that are truly flexible in architecture and easily scalable by design is Apple's WebObjects™. This server-side product enables us to develop and deploy industrial strength applications in weeks rather than months and our applications can be deployed to virtually any J2EE-capable server.

Our own software development frameworks, LISTedit framework, PDFkit framework, and recent applications, bizDAV and 1TRACKER, are all based on the J2EE/ WebObects™ platform.

But development is just one of the phases of the systems development life cycle. You still need to identify business objectives, outline system specifications, analyze the business operations, design, test, and deploy the system. This kind of knowledge doesn't come out of a box.

Whether your company is wishing to take advantage of this development platform for deploying a web-based application or has an existing WebObjects™ application, WEBAPPZ could be your ideal partner. We have the business acumen and software design and development expertise to take your company to the next level.