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Competitive Advantage Development Approach Background


For our 1TRACKER EXT application, we chose one of today's most reliable deployment servers - the Apple Xserve G5, www.xserve.com/xserve. The Xserve G5 was our choice server because of its 64-bit processing power, server optimized I/O, its low maintenance, and high-throughput architecture. 1TRACKER EXT is deployed on WEBAPPZ's Cluster 1 servers, providing security, reliability, and speed.


WEBAPPZ understands that a client's business information must be protected and maintained securely, so we selected the world leading CISCO PIX firewalls, www.cisco.com, which deliver unprecedented levels of security, performance, and reliability.


WEBAPPZ chose NetNation Communications Inc., www.netnation.com, an established company with over six years of hosting experience in more than 100 countries. NetNation has the resources and skills to ensure guaranteed uptime, network redundancy, full load balancing, and fail-over configurations.

With WEBAPPZ's Cluster 1 servers located at NetNation, we and our end customers have access to high speed bandwidth on a 100 Mbps connection. Our customers benefit from the security and reliability our bandwidth partner delivers.

NetNation has the business and technical expertise to ensure reliable service and provide a safe and secure online environment to our end customers.